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My Story Our Story

My Story Our Story.

My Reflection on mine and others big idea:

I think that my sharing session went well because it ran smoothly and clear.

What I could work on is gathering more time to collect infamation and doing more work at home.

Other Reflection:

This presentation was presented by Artie and Tom P:

This presentation was about the Vietnam War.

Essential Question:What effect did the Vietnam war have on the Austrailians?

60,000 people went to the war

It cost Australia over 200 million dollars

I would say there work shop was good but they could have not all ways have the screen the could have had a poster or something else that would help and maybe next time they could have used there time more wisely to get the video that they had but over all it was a good workshop



This is my story.

Our Last name came from Scotland and Germany.

Our family came on a boat from Scotland to Australia and the boat was called The Peter Godeffroy Sailing Ship. 290 People were on the ship but some passengers did die from sickness.

Questions for my Grandma.

They arrived at Sydney and walked to Albury.

Do you know where you first lived?

Yes i do, it was at Courtfield,Melbourne.

Where was your favourite house?

Smythes Creek,Ballarat.

Do you know where our last name came from? If you do what do you know about it?

My family originated from Scotland then went off to England and finaly arrived in Australia.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

My earliest childhood memory would be going to my grandparents house in Albury for holidays.



  1. Tarko says:

    It is very good but you need to not use your surname in the page thanks
    😀 🙂 😉

  2. amckoy says:

    What do think these words mean?
    -Your family’s way of doing things and celebrating things.
    The real answer to this question.
    The ideas and social behaviour of your way of doing things.
    To be contied.

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