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300 Word Challenge.

-Title: Swimming Disaster.

“Today is the day, I Lachlan Mckoy shall compete in the swimming finals!” Ah, this is going to be intense! I’m in my swimming gear so I’m ready to warm up.

I’ll introduce you to my family, this is my mum Kim. “Hi! I’m just as excited as you Lachie! Good luck out there!” “Alright, I’m going to the pool to warm up.” Firstly I start with the butterfly because that’s the swimming style I’m doing today. Then after that I do some freestyle to warm up my arms.

As I just start finishing up, some of the heats start going. One of the heats include Artie, Tom, Angus and Kye. Everyone goes well, except for Kye. He comes of with a bad start and comes last, then Tom, Artie and in first place Angus. He’s really good I might see him in the finals.

A few heats to go, then it’s my heat… the last one.

I hear over the loud speaker “Heat 10,please come to pool 2 and standby. Good Luck!”

As I walk over to the platform and step up everything seems slow in time. Then, the gun is shot instantly I dive and dolphin to the top. Then I start doing the butterfly. I’m Pushing myself so hard. My coach is yelling “You’re hot,you’re hot! I start pushing myself harder than I’ve ever done before. Not much longer, only a few meters to go. Here we go, here we go.” “Done!!!!” Says the loud speaker.” ” Lachie Mckoy is done and has sped off out in front and finished in first

TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>>






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