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February, 2015

  1. 100 Word Challenge (146 Words)

    February 25, 2015 by amckoy

    100 Word Challenge. “And then behind the door”

    I was coming home from school and the route that I sometimes take is a route that goes through a mysterious jungle where all of our town deaths come from, people go in there…… they never come out, that’s why I get picked up from school and not walk through the mysterious jungle on the walking track.
    Sometimes I go and walk in there, but not to far in, because, well, you know why. But the way I get to my house is through the jungle… but by car which is weird because people don’t die when they drive in there, but people do when your walking. I’m just trying to think of my main question, something like, What’s taking or killing people? or why is it or someone taking people that’s walking rather than people in cars?

    I was walking into the forest because well my mum forced me to and it felt kinda strange. As I walked further into the jungle I saw this strange shadow,I walked closer, it was a door I was scared so my brain reacted. I opened the door!

    And then behind the door….

  2. Cyber-Safety: What you should have on the internet to keep you safe.

    February 12, 2015 by amckoy

    1.You have to have a strong password to keep your password complicated so no one can get into your account, same with your user name don’t have so thing like: “john geelong” because I’m saying my name and the suburb I’m living in so put in capital letters and numbers to again make it complicated.


  3. 2015!!!

    February 3, 2015 by amckoy

    Hi Guys,

    Its 2015! I hope you guys like my posts this year and I really hope we can get a bit more people looking at this blog so tell your friends and I hope you guys comment and I’ll see you guys later!

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