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July 17, 2014 by amckoy   

The seven Sacraments.

The first Sacrament is Baptism.

In Baptism the Priest carefully washes the holy water over your head to wash away you sins.

When you take the sacrament Baptism you are welcomed into the Catholic Church.

A fact is that, your parents chose for you to take Baptism is because they want you to get closer to God and to understand Catholicism better.

Some signs and/or Symbols would be a Dove diving into the holy water. And also a Sea Shell.

The second sacrament is Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a sign of Confession,Peace Making and Forgiveness.

Reconciliation is about bringing people together to make friends.

A sign and/or symbol would be two people behind a wall because like I said before you bring two people together that do not know each other because there is a wall there so they can not see each other but when they meet there finding out there style, humor and personalities.

The third sacrament is Eucharist.

The word Eucharist means thanks-giving. Eucharist is about sacrifice and thanks-giving.

In Eucharist you reseve The Bread and Wine. And in the olden days the Priest would place the Body of Christ (AKA The Bread) on your tongue but now the Priest places the Body of Christ in your hands.

Eucharist is about the Last Supper with the Bread and Wine and Jesus saying “Do this in memory of me”.

Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran and Angelion are the cultures that celebrate the sacrament Eucharist.

Now the fourth sacrament, Conformation.

Conformation completes Baptism.

The sacrament of Conformation means it is a time to be more mature because you are getting older. It also means that Gog gives us Grace to save us.

The sacrament was made by Christ.

 The Fifth sacrament is Marriage.

In Marrige two people come together to say that they are together forever and will put each other before them self’s.

Fact: Now days the Bride throws the flower over their heads, but in the old days instead of flowers they threw bundles of wheat.

When you marry some one you normally receive a ring. A weeding rind is placed on your Left hand, Third finger. (Not including your thumb). It goes on that finger because people believe  that there is a vein running from that finger directly to your heart.

Weeding dreeses can be different colors such as Blue, Red, White, Pink and even Black!  And can have Gold and Silver stitching.

The sixth sacrament is Holy Orders.

Holy orders is when you can be promoted from Decon to a Priest to a Bishop then to a Pope.


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