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March, 2014

  1. 100 word challenge

    March 20, 2014 by amckoy

    Hello, my name is Artie. I LOVE Christmas, and it’s Christmas eve. The reason I love Christmas is that: 1. You get education from it and it’s fun opening all the presents. Ok Im going to bed so, good night! I’ve woken up Im so excited I can’t stand it. I run up to my mum’s bedroom I jump on her bed yelling IM and GOING DOWN STAIRS TO OPEN MY PRESENTS!!!!!! I found a square box, but when she lifted the lid…. A SNAKE JUMPED OUT AT HER. She screamed so loud her parents woke up and fell out of bed.

    I got 101 Words.


    March 10, 2014 by amckoy

    ZOOM straight past me goes number one on the ladder. The’re so fast, the wind is blowing on my face and I can hear their engines roaring so loud. I can hear them through my earplugs. There on the tenth lap now he’s coming round the bend… CRASH!!!! I ducked. Luckly the wire fence is there to protect me and my Dad. We are in Melbourne at the racing world championships FORMULA ONE! We’ve got front row seats and a great view of the race course.

    Wow! Number forty one has raced past the other cars he’s now in first place. The’re all on the last straight to win, there coming round the bend and it looks like…it looks like, number forty one has won it’s a miricle he has won the RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS THE FORMULA ONE!!

  3. Reflection

    March 5, 2014 by amckoy

    Today I helped Daniel,Ella,Tom and Lachie.

    I helped them by using my skills with Technology.

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